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Heugh Battery - April 16th
By Stephen Carr

It was a misty and damp start to the drive to Heugh Battery in Hartlepool for our first event of 2022. It was a 38 mile round trip, cutting cross country on the slower roads, but we almost got to the point where we could see the battery and then discovered a road close sign. The diversion signs weren't great, but Google maps came to the rescue and we got there with just two spaces left, just inside the gate.
Not too long after we got there, the sun broke through and it ended up being a really hot day and a great first event of the season. There was a good turnout of vehicles and re-enactors and a great turnout of public. Heugh Battery was one of three erected in 1860 to protect the fast-growing port of Hartlepool. 
Heugh Battery is the only WW1 battlefield in the United Kingdom, after the German Navy attacked the battery on December 16th 1914. We all caught the sun and on the way home, despite the noise and bouncing around of the Dodge, my daughter slept all the way home!