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The Military Vehicle Trust is an International Organisation, and members have an interest in Military Vehicles, Clothing, and Equipment, particularly over the last century, when armies have become mechanised. The MVT has branches throughout the UK, the Yorkshire area being just one. They hold and support events from Spring to Autumn, with the occasional winter run out. You don't need to own a vehicle to join the MVT, just an interest is enough. Why not JOIN UP now?

Meetings - 1st Wednesday in month - Wetherby Sports Association, Lodge Lane, Wetherby, LS22 5FN. Meeting starts at approx 8pm

Latest News

16/11/16 - The January/February Area Report has been added to the new 2017 section of the Area Reports page. David Anderton's "9 Jeeps on the 9th" event report now has additional pictures from Allen Ambridge, and a new Article has been added about Sea Mine Disposal from Tony Boyle. 

16/11/16 - The For Sale/Wanted Page has been updated. 

16/11/16 - David Anderton's "9 Jeeps on the 9th" report has now been moved to the Events Gallery, following the addition of pictures by Mike Humphreys.

 11/11/16 - The November/December Area Report has been added to the Area Report page, the Events Gallery has been updated with my recent school visit.

04/11/16 - Andrew & Karen's Jeep has been added to the Members Vehicles page.

Area Secretary
Brian Slingsby -
3 Fieldhead Court, Boston Spa, Leeds, LS23 6TL
Tel 01937 841487
Press Officer
Paul Mayo -
Mobile 07876 506826
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