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For Sale and Wanted
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For Sale Wanted

2 ex-French Army Tents £15 each.
Tents have sealed-in ground sheet and fly-sheet cover.
Contact: Paul or Val Cornish 01274 633007 or cornish-p@sky.com


This is a quality reproduction of the American M1934 Pyradmidal tent as used in World War Two by US troops. All of the side walls can be rolled up for access or ventilation. The tent only has one entrance which can also be rolled up and is set back allowing for taller access. This tent was made for and used on the ĎBand of Brothersí series, and as such is a very good quality reproduction. I have used it only 2 or 3 times, so it is still in very good all round condition. (sadly I donít have any usable photos of the actual tent in use, so this is a library photo) the colour is slightly more faded than that in the photo, but it comes with all poles, pegs and ropes etc. you will need to have a look at it, but it wonít be erected! There is no ground sheet.

tent.jpg (107276 bytes) Phone or email for more details; Brian Slingsby 07831 372023 or bslingsby53@gmail.com £750.00

Dimensions: The foot print measures approximately 17 x 17 feet and inside the centre height approaches 12 feet. The side walls have a eight of 58 inches. The door way is 3 feet wide.

New 13/03/18

Jeep wheels 16Ē rim M201 or civilian, they donít have to match.

Gary 07946 381635