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Area Report - Windscreen Spring Issue 138
Happily the sun shone for the main event at the end of the season. This was, of course, Pickering War Weekend. Members from our Area and further afield brought their vehicles along for the parade and a good time. This year, for the first time, the vehicle parade took place on Sunday morning and started at the Showground.

It continues to be a most impressive affair with a smattering of British vehicles, whilst GMCs, Jeeps and Dodges made up the bulk of it. It would be great to see an increase in British soft skin to balance things up as the crowd really cheer and clap as they pass. So if you own one, book in for next year. No offence to our US aficionados.

Photos are of Brian Berriman in his Dodge Signals van and Denis Matthewman driving his Standard Tilly.

I was ill when our Christmas meeting and party were held on the 5th Dec at our usual excellent venue in Wetherby. Brian reports “There was a good turnout of almost 50, some lured along by the prospect of free pie and peas, others (most I hope) by the prospect of a good night in good company. The usual serious part of the meeting was over and done with quite quickly. I was somehow re-elected once again for the top posts in the cabinet, i.e. secretary and treasurer (my 14th year!), then we moved on to the serious business, the quiz! 

This year it had two parts, one a picture round of military vehicles, which overall was quite well answered and another of general Christmas and military stuff. Brian Fox came along and treat us all to a game of stand up sit down bingo and the grand finale was his game of higher and lower which always gets the crowd going. We finished with a very well stocked raffle, thanks to some very generous donations from those who came along. All in all a very enjoyable night, looking forward to our Christmas cracker run out on the 29th Dec now, here’s hoping for some snow! “

For something completely different, Michael Sparks rang me to say that the Anti Terrorist Squad wanted to speak to him after first trying to reach him at his place of work. Apparently the local Community Support Officer had filed a report saying that the wartime vehicles parked on his drive presented an opportunity for terrorists to steal and use them.

Not surprisingly he thought it a wind up, but no, it was genuine. Quite what use his 70 year old aero screen Bedford MW might have I don’t know! I think it might have saved a lot of trouble had the person knocked on the door and found out about them before putting in a report. Ah well, you have been warned! Michael’s MW is Nelly in the photograph. Willow belongs to Alex Rippingham of Stockport.

The key diary date for you is 10/11/12 May at the Yorkshire Air museum for our Battlegroup North Show (ex Wheels and Wings). I hope to see lots of you there.

Mike Humphreys