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Area Report - Windscreen March/April Issue 159
Here in early March, like many areas, things tend to be somewhat quiet out on the roads for us, with us eagerly awaiting Spring’s arrival and a new chance to take our vehicles for a decent spin. So much of our members’ activities are devoted to getting on with those special projects. Judging by the buzz on our social media and recent area meetings, we are in for a record number of new restoration projects, including some very interesting variants. 

Adam Wright and his MV Depot team are perhaps our busiest group of restorers now working on six WW2 vehicle projects including some quite rare beasts; such as Dodge WC16 ½ Ton Command car, 1941 WC9 Dodge Ambulance (first series) 2 GMC 353 workshops, of which one maybe destined to be converted into an American Red Cross Clubmobile. Needless to say, that Yorkshire has plenty of passion and expertise like Adam’s. and we all looking forward to seeing them rolling later this year and sharing pictures of them out in their full glory.

Yorkshire’s first official event of the year is always the “Crank up” which is always held in York and attracts almost 100 vehicles of all kinds and draws a decent crowd of visitors and tourists. The 2017 crank up will be held on Sunday 30th April in York, a slightly later than past years. So if you're planning a Yorkshire weekend break, why not work around this date?

Looking back, our 'Christmas cracker run', has been going for well over 12 years now. Our most recent on 27th December our biggest ever, with 34 vehicles turning out on a bitterly cold and frosty, but sunny morning. Obviously, a lot of people were bored at home with Christmas Telly, relatives and needed to get out! A first for the run was the start from the John Smiths brewery car park in Tadcaster, after having followed the same route and format for a number of years, time for a change and also a show of support for the townsfolk of Tadcaster who has still to see their town reunited with the road bridge which was closed after the 2015 Christmas day floods.

The convoy of vehicles left Tadcaster at 11.00 am for a 36 miles trip through some varied and interesting country roads in the district, mostly heading south. An almost incident free journey saw us arrive at the final stop of Lumby garden centre close to the intersection of the A63 and the A1. The poor staff in the restaurant, expecting a quiet day at work, were presented with the job of looking after almost 60 bodies all at once, all requiring food and warm drinks. But they coped admirably getting our orders out in double quick time.
Another successful expedition with no complaints ( no unusual ones at least! ) and no breakdowns, with everybody going home after a good lunch with a smile on their faces, including the owner of the garden centre who for some reason loved having us, and wants us to come back again very soon ( we can't think why? ).