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Area Report - Windscreen March/April Issue 172

April is the start of the show and event season in Yorkshire, and we start with the Yorkshire “Crank Up” run and rally in the shadow of Clifford’s Tower and the Yorkshire Museum in the City of York. Always on a Sunday, and remains a firm favourite with our members since the first one was run back in 1997 – so this year marks 22 years.

We have a tried and tested format – convoy RV at the Tadcaster A64 eastbound slip way which allows our early risers to get moving and be there early and like to have a good old natter before the journey into York. Our trip into York mainly along the A64 always causes amusement and cheers amongst most other road users, even if their normal speedy progress to the East Coast is somewhat slower than a typical Sunday!

Everybody arrived ok with no incidents that we were aware of, we won’t mentioning the usual last-minute stress of old engines ( and bodies ) attempting to be ready for the first big run of the year. That said, Brian Slingsby and team managed to safely marshal everybody into the central island and around the roadway without causing too much congestion in the city.
In all 75 vehicles, plus three motorcycles and three 1940s bicycles, close to an all-time record turnout. Maybe this is close to a record generally for a one-day MVT event? We are also delighted to welcome new members to our events and this year was no exception – of course we also enjoy seeing the new projects being brought out for their first event.
We were quite honoured this year to have not only the event instigator, Chris Symth, who started the first “Crank Up” Event back in 1997. We had in addition, the founder of the Yorkshire MVT, Mark Boldry who had just flown in from Hong Kong, from Australia a couple of days before and felt that he had to show his support to his area.
Mark says he started the area meetings back in early in 1984 along with a few friends, one or two who still come to MVT events. Well done sir! …And finally, to round off our collection of celebrities joining the rally we had an official visit from the Lord and Lady Mayoress of York, who joined us for an hour or two, looking around the vehicles and chatting with our members.
Talking and catching up done – it was soon time for all to depart to homes, barns and sheds, all vehicles returned safely – with of course a few first of the season issues, including me (not helped by leaving my lights on!). Still that the strength of the members supporting and helping each other get to and from events together.
Another great start to the season, well done to the area event organisers!

Paul Mayo