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Area Report - Windscreen July/August Issue 179
This year has seen our regular events cancelled, postponed and then cancelled, so disappointing for us all. Therefore, we have had had to keep ourselves amused with bigger or completely new projects. Sadly,some members have decided to part with their precious vehicles to owners anew. 

One of our busiest member groups led by Adam Wright and the MV Depot team, have bid farewell to perhaps our area’s largest vehicle the US Mack Recovery truck, which was always a popular addition to displays incl the Yorkshire Wartime Experience, all 38 Tons and is now residing in Northern Florida where it has joined the WW2 Amour collection whose motto is “PRESERVING THE STEEL STEEDS OF WORLD WAR II”.

I recommend their website as is well worth a look https://www.ww2armor.org/ whilst the collection is mostly WW2 allied and Axis, they also have an impressive collection of post war and modern day heavy armoured vehicles. Yorkshire’s loss is Florida’s gain.

MV Goodbyes continue with Mike Humphrey’s trusty Bedford MW owned for 15 years has gone to an MV enthusiast in The Netherlands. Pleased to say that I have seemed to buck the trend and just acquired a 1944 Willys jeep to add to my small collection, from the Tees Valley area, so the previous owner and MVT member may continue to see her at future events.
Over in the workshops and garages spanners and wrenches continue to fly, John Carroll seems to be the master of innovation and embodies the true “make do and mend” spirit, as his MB JEEP is in his own words “built out of other people's junk.”
He has collected used stuff for years including a scrap Mahindra chassis, an eBay Willys c1943 MB tub from Preston, a Peugeot diesel and gearbox bell housing adapter (out of an imported MB) from a guy near Boroughbridge, a GPW front axle from ebay, a Dana 44 rear axle, T90 gearbox from eBay, a LHD Hotchkiss M201 steering column from Normandy in 2019, MD Juan wings and bonnet, a real MB grille that was part of a prop in Saving Private Ryan, used Hotchkiss screen from Simon Bromley, US Dualmatic freewheeling hubs off an American import Jeep, Hotchkiss wheels in the pic (but these are to be replaces with some Jeep wheels from War & Peace and a big pile of new repro parts etc etc. as he says - It won't be original but it'll look convincing and be great for green-laning and roof-down summer Jeeping.

We like the fact that it's 100% recycled so it's green and green! Well done John. Just shows that us Yorkshire folk –like to save their brass for new toys

Paul Mayo