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Area Report - Windscreen September/October Issue 180
As I write this area update the UK’s restrictions incl our area, continue to become more severe. With our last area meeting in early March now a rather distant memory, we continue to keep ourselves occupied with restoration and longer term projects. Social media posts helping us maintain some sense of what our member colleagues are up to in shed and workshops around the area.

Whilst I have just started to have fun dismantling our new Willys Jeep project, mentioned in last report, other members are taking this extended time out to rebuild or refurbish, or Fettling is a good Yorkshire word for these activities. So I’ve received a few updates from some members and share some progress including some rather unusual projects; Adam Wright’s 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe Staff Car continues to progress and starting to be reassembled following blasting and painting as part of a full nut and bolt restoration.
Ivor & Jim Waterhouse ( father & son ) have been toiling away for some time in secret on a Humber LRC ( Humber Light Reconnaissance Car ) MKIII and have only now started to share the progress and fruits of their labours with us. Seeing the pictures of a rather sad pile of rust in a west Yorkshire yard when they picked it up to what they have achieved to date is nothing short of impressive and a testament to their skills and determination.
Jim updated me on their recent work on the LRC many hours building on the new brake system. Upgrading from 11” single to 12” twin leading shoes. Hopeful that this will stop all 3.5T a bit easier. 

Next challenge saw them getting her back on its wheels for a shift around the workshop with the help of the ‘Shifty Bar ( PP )’ and the handy forklift. Turret was then removed along with the chassis sills, gunner’s seat and a few other parts for priming and painting. They have still a fair way to go and are hopefully that shell be on show for next season’s events. We all look forward to that.

Until then please continue to stay safe and drive – when you can!