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 Thursday 28th June

After only about 20 minutes drive from our holiday camp site, we arrived at Bolero HQ around noon on Thursday 28th June, and spent another 2 hours setting up our tent and getting the Jeep off the trailer.

While quite windy, it was bright, sunny and warm. Several vehicles were already there plus a small but growing camp, based around two of the wartime 'Frying Pan' dispersals on the North side of Parham Airfield.

As the afternoon slipped into evening, further vehicles arrived, boosting the numbers of vehicles to around a third of the expected entry. Some vehicles were driven, others brought on trailers ranging from small to tank transporters. 

Others weren't so lucky, and one or two entries had mechanical failures on the way to the event, both in WW2 and modern vehicles.

Some of the tracked vehicles were there or arrived on Thursday too. The Sherman was there when I arrived, and a Halftrack delivered late in the day. 

I was a little disappointed to hear the Sherman wasn't going to be on the 65 mile drive on Saturday, but I'm guessing without selling off a small country, Adrian couldn't afford the fuel for that!!

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