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 North Yorkshire Moors Railway - 12th-14th October
Pictures by Stephen Carr and John Arnold

The wartime weekend on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway seemed to have less activity this year. There were plenty of public, but vehicle and displays seemed down compared to previous years. It may have been the weather that put some people off as it was very misty most of the weekend, 'though still not too cold for the time of year. Saturday started with the vehicle parade through the town as usual; numbers being limited by the police in an attempt to reduce disruption to normal traffic.

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pick9.jpg (45791 bytes) pick10.jpg (76240 bytes) Several of our group had vehicles in the parade while others watched and got some pictures as we passed by. Displays were scattered around the town and in the station car park in any space where a vehicle or tent would fit!
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The next station, 'LeVisham', was in enemy occupied France, with airborne German troops having just landed in an exercise around the station. The French cafe was doing brisk business, despite the occupation. pick19.jpg (51586 bytes) pick20.jpg (52878 bytes)
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I took the Jeep to Goathland on Saturday. Half way there, it suddenly got loud as a result of the whole rear face of the exhaust and tailpipe shearing off at the weld. A couple of coat hangars kept it in place long enough to last out the weekend and to get me home! pick32.jpg (29529 bytes) pick25.jpg (58761 bytes)
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pick29.jpg (56690 bytes) Dotted around the event there were several post war vehicles in attendance, including a Champ and a Landrover, but the most interesting vehicle in my view was a severely rusted Willys Script Jeep. The chassis, axels and drive train looked ok; but the rest needed help!  pick31.jpg (53117 bytes)