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 Neville Johnson's Summer BBQ & Road Run - July 5/6th
Pictures by Stephen Carr

After leaving the Spennymoor Gala Parade, Lynne and I drove south through heavy rain to Yorkshire. We were heading to Nev's Summer barbecue to meet up with the Yorkshire MTV. Twice a year, Neville holds a party and barbecue at his farm, usually followed by a road run the following day. The further south we went, the better the weather got, and by the time we arrived around 4pm, it was bright, sunny and dry; and thankfully stayed like that while we set the tent up. Also there from our area was Ray and family and Cliff. A few heavy showers followed, but it then dried up for the rest of the evening. The first few pictures show the marquee for the event, Nev in his jeep and a few of the other vehicles in attendance. 

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The poor forecast for the weekend had kept some away, but as the afternoon turned to early evening, the numbers had increased until there were several dozen. The barbecue, musical entertainment and drinking went on until the early hours, with a large bath full of water acting as the beer cooler! Having had an early start and a long drive, we gave up and went to bed not long after midnight. I must have had enough to drink because I didn't hear anything else until the rain woke me about 7am!

The planned road run, a tour of local airfields, was in doubt as breakfast came and went with heavy rain still falling. Several people packed up their tents and caravans and left for home, but by around 10:30, the rain cleared and the sun came out. After a brief discussion amongst those interested ( daft enough? ), the run was on. The tour around five airfields included stops at Melbourne and Holme on Spalding Moor, with drive bys of Breighton and Pocklington, ending up at Elvington for lunch. The following pictures were from Melbourne, Holme on Spalding Moor, and Elvington where the work on the Waco glider now appears to be complete, while the SE5a WW1 fighter looks like it is about to receive attention.

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 While at Elvington, a familiar face, or should I say helmet appeared in the form of 'Black Stig', and is perhaps a new addition to the 40's scene now his TV driving career is over.

Our round trip was 259 miles, but enjoyed every minute of it. If you haven't been to either the summer or autumn barbecues at Nev's, you should certainly consider it. A great time was had by all. Many thanks Nev!

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