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Breighton Airfield Summer Bash
July 11/12th By Steve Carr

Rather than going to the Flying Legends Warbird show at Duxford yet again, I fancied something a bit different. Instead, I spent the weekend of 11/12th July at Breighton Airfield in Yorkshire for the Real Aero Co 'Summer Bash'.

breighton1.jpg (59023 bytes) breighton2.jpg (24809 bytes) It was the Real Aero's 20th Anniversary and the Bucker Jungmann's 75th Anniversary Fly-in. Lynne and myself arrived on Friday late afternoon to spend the whole weekend there.
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Taff Smith, owner of Real Aero, also brought along an old style Formula 1 (?) racing car which he blasted up and down the perimeter a few times disturbing residents for miles around! breighton5.jpg (44779 bytes) breighton6.jpg (46076 bytes)
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Bucker Jungmann and Jungmeisters flying for the Jungmann anniversary. The pair in the first picture flew in from Switzerland, leaving home on Thursday to be there.
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Somewhere in the region of 100 light aircraft were present across the weekend, although some had to make long detours around a weather front over the Penines to get there.  Despite the forecast, it was great weather, a very warm and friendly atmosphere and a very enjoyable weekend all round. 

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This event was the same weekend as Nev's summer BBQ, and I had previously arranged access for the Sunday morning road run to visit Breighton. While I had the only MV there Friday night and Saturday, I was very pleased to see a nice long convoy arrive on Sunday morning.
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 While the weather was a little cooler compared to the day before, the aviation action was heating up as Maurice Hammond brought his collection of warbirds to the event. They included his TWO P-51 Mustangs, PT-17 Kaydet and T-6 Texan.  This gave my 'Follow Me' jeep its first proper use; leading the P-51's to their dispersal! The MV owners also had the opportunity to park up in front of the P-51's for a photo call.

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From feedback I've received from Breighton, the weekend was a success, so many thanks to Maurice for allowing us the photo opportunity with his aircraft, and for all those who fought back their hangovers from Nev's do to support the event with their MV's.