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Crank Up - Eye of York
April 19th

In contrast to my last visit in 2006 where it snowed, the 10th Anniversary Crank Up to York Castle was blessed with clear blue skies and hot sun.

I travelled down from Washington in the North East with two other vehicles ( M38A1 & Lightweight Landy ), setting off from home at 8am. We met up at the lay-by in Tadcaster just after 10am ready for the convoy into York starting at 10.30am, via the A64 dual carriageway and the A19. Over 20 vehicles, of all ages formed the convoy, which left there a little later than planned.

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While the day had started quite dull at home, by the time we reached the Castle, the skies were clearing and the sun came out and remained so for the rest of the day. A few vehicles were already at the Castle when the convoy arrived, but across the day, additional vehicles turned up resulting in the final total being over 60 packing the green outside the visitors centre.

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Lynne took some video for me during the convoy and of the vehicles arriving at the Castle which can be seen below. 

There are further pictures of the convoy and event which came be found on this off site link.



Ivor sent some pictures of a few of the days participants making a 're-fuelling' stop on the way home. Something tells me it wasn't petrol they stopped for!

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 There are further pictures of the event on the VMMV website, taken by Benny De Maeyer who came to England to buy a Dodge, and attended the Crank Up on the way back home to Belgium. A direct link to the pictures can be found here.