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 D-Day at the 493rd Bomb Group, Debach Airfield
June 6/7th By Steve Carr

With so many people heading to Normandy for the 65th Anniversary, what was left for those who remained behind? Well, for those who didn't go to France, another very appropriate location to spend D-Day was the 493rd Bomb Group Museum at Debach Airfield in Suffolk. The 493rd BG was the last of the 8th Air Force Heavy Bombardment Groups to be activated, and they flew their first mission on June 6th 1944, D-Day.

debach1.jpg (57225 bytes)

debach2.jpg (52355 bytes) Rupert Fox from the South Cumbria MVT, Lynne and myself headed down to the airfield on Friday 5th to spend the whole weekend there. The museums open day was the 7th, although there was a 1940's Hangar Dance on the evening of the 6th.

To the left is my Jeep and the Museums Flying Control Caravan in which we set up our display.

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The museum is centred around the wartime control tower and the technical site buildings, with several new 'period' buildings having been built to accommodate the museum exhibits. Richard Taylor who owns the farm and museum has several vehicles of his own on display including two Jeeps, a GMC, GMC Bolster Truck, Fordson Fire Tender, Dodge WC54 Ambulance, Queen Mary Trailer, Flying Control Trailer and several bomb trailers complete with concrete 500lb bombs.

Also in attendance was Adrian Barrell with his M4A4 Sherman. He was kind enough to give Rupert and myself a ride around the airfield, a video of which can be seen below.

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There is also an arena at the airfield which allowed vehicles to be driven for the public. Saturday's weather was kind for the non-public day and the dance in the evening, but it chucked it down on Sunday morning. Even so, there was a good number of public there, although difficult to tell how many due to the large spread out site.

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