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 War On The Line, Wensleydale Railway - July 17/18th
Pictures & Report by Mike Humphreys

Melvyn Bean, James Taylor and myself made the epic journey to Leyburn after Melvyn’s dad had been persuaded by one of the events organisers that the Matador and 5.5” gun would make an excellent centrepiece in the town’s square. We travelled via Bradford Ring Rd, Harrogate, Ripon, Masham to arrive as scheduled for 10.00am. It was early morning and turned out to be a very pleasant run even if expensive in fuel. 
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An area had been left as arranged but we were somewhat disappointed to find that we were the only vehicles to be on display. An occasional jeep went past, but the weekend turned out to be an extremely quiet affair. There was some limited activity down at the station where we bumped into Colin, Craig and Mick with their WD bikes. A small exhibit by the Paras and the Home Guard completed the set up.

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The local school did a roaring trade on Sunday with burgers, sausages, buns and drinks and had even built a large scale replica of a 25 pdr. Had it not been for the ready availability of beer in the pubs that surround the square we would have been mightily bored. Sleeping in the lorries overnight in the square was a novelty I can do without especially when you get drunken youths attempting to climb up the 5.5” gun barrel at 1.00 in the morning!

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I don’t think the town lends itself to Pickering type event as the Station is too far away. Perhaps if the market place/town’s square was given over entirely to period and military vehicles then it might stand more of a chance. There was a small parade after the Sunday Service but not one for vehicles.