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 Operation Poppy
Pictures & Report by Dave Boston Dunn

 Yorkshire area poppy appeal day Nov 2010   

880 collected for the British Legion

The 6th of November was our MVT club support for the British Legion in Garforth, Leeds.  Simon Daymond borrrowed an F H70 Howitzer from the company Hesco Bastion for the event.   

poppy1.jpg (77347 bytes) poppy2.jpg (59530 bytes) poppy3.jpg (55862 bytes)

Our day however started at around 05:00hrs gathering support for the escort from Leeds via inner ring road where Simon held up the traffic with his militant that was towing the gun (slowly). His clutch was slipping, but later we found out the brakes were partly left on, on the gun, doh!!!!

John Wymark-Hoar and I were on point and Dave Reape was tail end charlie on the convoy. Later we were joined by Ken Marshal and his lad with a Lightweight Land Rover. Colin Dixon and Mick Edmundson on their matchless motorbikes. Stewart Wright and Simon Fenton  brought a Humber and K2 ambulance.

poppy4.jpg (54374 bytes) poppy5.jpg (46987 bytes)

We set up the display and the day went well with Simon providing sandwiches and drinks all day. I think we did as well as last year collecting funds, if not better. We will get to know the total later in the month. 

The day ended up with problems with the hydraulics on the gun which were eventually sorted out after covering the club car park in oil. The gun was eventually returned to Hesco Bastion late that evening.