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 Breighton Airfield Summer Fly-in
July 23rd/24th - by Stephen Carr

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The annual summer Fly-in at Breighton was another success, despite dull and windy weather to start the weekend. It progressively improved and plenty of flying took place, with all kinds of vintage and modern flying machines. There were also a good selection of vintage cars and a few military vehicles.
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On Sunday, I got a flight in a Taylorcraft Auster. The flight had been planned for the year before, but a strong crosswind postponed the flight until this year. While airborne, we caught up with another Auster for some air-to-air photography.
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Due to a crosswind, the Mew Gull, Arrow Active and Comper Swift didn't fly, but did perform taxi runs to allow the members present to photo and video them under their own power. Each year, we seem to get a great sunset on the Saturday evening, and this year was no different. 
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Two unusual and very nice visiting aircraft were both from the de Havilland stable, a dH84 Dragon and dH89a Rapide. The last picture shows my daughter in the cockpit of the Auster. The weekend must have left a lasting impression on her as the next day, she made an aeroplane shape from building bricks, and was flying it around the lounge making aeroplane noises!
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