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 Chatsworth Country Fair
September 2~4th

A large gathering of military vehicles, of all ages, form one of the shows attractions. The vehicles are spread out on a grassy slope near the river and next to one of the main entrances to the show. Organised by Paul Sykes and our very own Dave Reape, this is an excellent opportunity to combine things military with attractions for all the family. 

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chatsworth7.jpg (74436 bytes) chatsworth8.jpg (84167 bytes) I had not been before, but decided to go this year. Sue and I took the Bedford OXD in convoy with Chris & Val Smyth in their Quad. We met up on the Saturday morning at 6.30am at Aspley Marina in Huddersfield and took the direct route of the A629 to Sheffield and then the xxx Bakewell Rd.  chatsworth9.jpg (110602 bytes) chatsworth10.jpg (69895 bytes)
Apart from Sheffield city centre we enjoyed a virtually traffic free run over the tops through open country and arrived at 8.15am.
chatsworth11.jpg (73264 bytes) chatsworth12.jpg (88858 bytes) On arrival Dave Reape met us to get set up and kindly made some hot drinks in his rather well kitted out base camp. Once the tents were up we did the show finishing off the day with a splendid BBQ and some drinks. chatsworth13.jpg (122781 bytes) chatsworth14.jpg (85557 bytes)
chatsworth15.jpg (77667 bytes) chatsworth16.jpg (85516 bytes) I cooked a full English for us all on Sunday morning, my first whilst on manoeuvres. All very civilised! We were just missing the candelabra!  chatsworth17.jpg (83838 bytes) chatsworth18.jpg (92956 bytes)
chatsworth19.jpg (74070 bytes) chatsworth20.jpg (111918 bytes) Our area was well represented with Ivor, Dale, Nick, Brian Fox, Nev, Bob Fenton amongst the gathering. Over 50 very varied vehicles were on show over the weekend for the public to wander around.  chatsworth23.jpg (73868 bytes) chatsworth24.jpg (49233 bytes)
chatsworth21.jpg (99143 bytes) chatsworth22.jpg (93136 bytes) This Country Fair has to be one of the best in the country. How many shows enjoy the splendour of the Household Cavalry, or provide an early morning hot air balloon extravangaza? We really enjoyed the two days and the drive home on empty roads on a glorious Sunday evening.
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Report by Mike Humphreys.

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