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July 9/10th

If you enjoy battle re enactment then this was the show for you. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons the crowds were treated to over an hour of shots, bangs and explosions across a huge display field. Set against a backdrop of mock up buildings and a bridge the Allies again fought the Germans. Taking part were dozens of troops, a German Marder, and Halftrack, 2 Hellcats, a Chaffee, 3 US halftracks, jeeps, a 2 Dingos and a couple of 25 pdrs. Special pyrotechnics had been laid on including a fuel dump going up in smoke and flames whilst the 25 pdrs were showered with debris from 3 incoming ‘rounds’.
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Howard Cook, the owner of the Ponderosa site, is the man behind organising the event, now in its 4th year. Last year saw a particularly large gathering of British soft skinned. This year, whilst there were still some very interesting British vehicles on show, there were a substantial number of US ones. The latter were mainly in the display field set against a backdrop tents and re enactor displays. An unusual sight at these events was not one but two immaculate 5.5” howitzers and newly arrived from Australia via a ‘world cruise’ a quite rare Studebaker 6x4 waiting to be restored could be seen in the display field. Also on their first outing were a rare M14 Halftrack with twin 50 cal and a Caterpillar D2.
pond7.jpg (83209 bytes) pond8.jpg (77261 bytes) The approach road to the very large site was decked out in bunting. Within the site plenty of good clean toilets were available along with showers. A few military stalls were intermingled with general stalls for the public in a curving ‘street.’ The main building had received a major revamp since last year, and now housed a very stylish stage, a long bar, and plenty of tables. First Division entertainers, Lola Lamour and Paul Harper, were on hand throughout the weekend to create that period atmosphere. A very good set up.
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All heads turned skywards on Saturday morning as a BBMF Spitfire arrived for a display. Ah, those RR Merlin engines, they never fail to have that effect on the back of the head! A quad limber and 25 pdr with supporting Command Post provided some exceptionally loud bangs around lunchtime each day. The crowd had been warned and there were plenty of fingers in ears to be observed.

Non period camping was also available in a separate field and, of course, the facilities of the Ponderosa Centre and a well provisioned Home Front Museum were also open. 

I sincerely hope that this show grows in popularity. As a major event within our Area that has plenty of space and facilities it certainly deserves to do so.

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Mike Humphreys.