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 Simon's Winter Adventures
November 2011

First off on the 5th and 12th November, I had taken my Jeep to the cenotaph in the centre of Harrogate. The plan was to spend the day selling poppies for the RBL. On the 5th it was very busy during the whole day, and I sold almost all of the poppies and wrist bands. Unfortunately being on my own made it a bit difficult to carry out any of the basic functions one needs to do during the day, i.e. get a cup of tea and have a pee!

The following Saturday was good and busy too, but again all day on my own, so a dry mouth and full bladder was the order of the day. I met lots of interesting people who stopped for a chat as well as a small purchase. I enjoyed the experience very much, and it felt good to be doing something to help the British Legion. Next year I hope there will be a few more volunteers that will come along and lend a hand, remember the more bodies we have selling, better the chances of raising more funds for the RBL and hopefully my bladder wonít have to take too much of a strain. If you do fancy coming along to help, please let me know, more vehicles would be welcome too. Its all for a very worthy cause.


Next on the 26th November (bladder now fully recovered) I headed south with a couple of pals to the Imperial war museum in London. First off we took in a couple of the usual tourist sights, then headed to the museum for the highlight of the day. 

The whole experience was very interesting, with lots and lots of very interesting vehicles (of course) and other artifacts, such as the V1 and V2 rockets. I would more than recommend a day out here for any MV owner, it was very good. (in fact Iím going to try and get a day trip organised out for our area some time soon!).

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On my way home the following day, I stopped off at Bletchley Park, the home of the wartime code breakers, this too was a very fascinating and interesting visit which I would recommend to all. In addition to all of the code breaking equipment there is also a private collection of lots of Winston Churchill memorabilia, from models and paintings to original letters from the great man himself. 

Finally I was surprised to find a whole hut dedicated to Ian Fleming the author of the James Bond books (and ultimately films too of course), I discovered that he was based here during the war. All in all a very good and rewarding weekend which was well worth the effort.

Simon Roberts