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 York Crank Up April 15th
Photos by M. Humphreys, M. Scorer & G. Docherty

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A bitterly cold but dry and sunny morning saw a sizeable line up in the Tadcaster lay-by prior to the 10:30 run into York. This included John Gray learning to get to grips with his Harley, and Nick Calvert and Anne in their Wright M35. Nick says he has yet to finish repainting it, but it looked fine to me and boy do they sound the business.

Our organiser Chris Smyth had gone on ahead this year so the whistle was blown by Simon Roberts who then lead us out onto the busy A64 at 40mph! Just a little too fast for the convoy to stick together.

Arriving near Clifford's Tower we were greeted with the sight of dozens and dozens of motor bikes and scooters leaving the Museum precinct under the watchful eye of the Lord Mayor.

At least he seemed happy to see us arriving and I think we all missed scraping the Mayoral limo parked in the middle of the road as we took our places on the circular green.

It really was too cold to stand around, but it would seem we area fairly hardy lot and small groups could be seen scattered across the site busily chatting away.

Happily the staff at the Museum let us use their facilities and cafe so you could warm up with a coffee if you so wished.

 Jeeps dominated our display with the majority having the top down! Hugo Hunter went one better with the screen down whilst his 3 small girl passengers in the back huddled under a blanket. Clearly they are made of sterner stuff over in Huddersfield. I couldn't stay until the end, but did manage a chat with Bob and Simon Fenton who had brought their 4x4 Humber Heavy Utility and Austin K2 along.
The latter is probably the last that will be rescued from a scrapped wreck. It is excellent and surprisingly was sign written by Simon's wife who clearly has a very steady hand. Bob hopes to bring along his 1936 Vickers Carden Lloyd Utility tractor to Elvington as it is nearly completed. It is the only survivor of the 20 made. Elsewhere amongst the usual suspects I saw that Graham Golder had arrived in his latest purchase, a Dodge Ambulance. 
Dave Boston-Dunn likes Volvo's and had braved the elements with his immaculate aero screened 1962 PV Jeep which he has owned about 10 years. A very rare beast indeed and the only one in the UK. The bigger stuff remained on the tarmac and a nice 432 was parked alongside the Reo's of Nick and Dale. Nicholas and Stephanie Dunford were sat out of the cold in their lovely 1951 80" Land Rover restored ( but ongoing Nick says ) finished in Post War gloss with the markings of the 20th Infantry Workshops ROAC.


Our leader Brian, fresh from the USA, managed to make the afternoon in his jeep despite having just arrived back in the UK in the morning. Nearly all jeeps are some shade of olive drab but to my surprise we had a lovely one on show in light mud and sand with Airborne markings. What a refreshing change. I didn't get to speak to the owner but hope to get the chance if it is at Elvington. Is the camo scheme a Western Desert one or the Italian Campaign?

For myself, I had made the journey from the other side of Halifax with James in my latest acquisition a 1943 Ford GPW. I'm happy to say this performed very well on the 90 mile round trip on some very bumpy A roads. Over 50 mvs turned out on the day which is really great and shows what a good club we have. Had it been warmer and fuel cheaper perhaps the numbers may have been higher.

Mike Humphreys