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 Croft Nostalgia
Aug 4/5th


Croft - After the massive thunder storm last year, the forecast wasn't looking too good for 2012 either. As it turned out, Croft was an island bathed in the Sun, while thunder storms raged all around. This resulted in a good turnout of entries and public.

The first eight pictures show vehicles used by the USAAF & RAF, including a nice, recently restored bomb tractor. 

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The good weather allowed all three flying displays to take part, and we were delighted to see the BBMF MkIIa Spitfire after last years cancellation due to bad weather. Neil and Simon also put on great displays with the Provost and Fury.
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There were around 300 classic cars, buses, bikes and tractors booked in, in addition to the racing cars. In the military camp, we had both a tank and tank destroyer in the Chaffee and Hellcat. The Chaffee did several firing displays across the show.
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Other tracked vehicles included both a German and US halftrack, and a Universal Carrier. The Rolls-Royce Griffon engine was joined this year by an Alvis radial aircraft engine, both of which ran a number of times during the weekend. 

Further pictures of the weekend and parade laps can be found on the CroftMilitary.co.uk website.

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