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 388th Bomb Group Memorial Dedication
Knettishall Airfield, Suffolk - July 14th by Stephen A. Carr

Several members of the Yorkshire MVT and myself made the long trip to Suffolk for an event to mark the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the US 8th Air Force in the United Kingdom. There were a number of events and lectures between Sunday 8th and Sunday 15th July, with the main focus being a convoy to the 388th BG memorial for a dedication ceremony.

The convoy began at 08:45, on a concrete hardstand on the edge of Eye airfield, home of the 490th Bomb Group. Around 15 vehicles gathered for the start, although others joined later in the day. It then began the 15 mile journey through country lanes to Knettishall Airfield.

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 The convoy stopped for a short break on one of the old runways until closer to the time of the dedication. It then set off once again to the memorial near by. The memorial has recently been extended with the names of those lost flying from Knettishall. After the ceremony, it returned to the airfield to wait for the flying display by B-17 'Sally B'.
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Clive Stevens, the event organiser, had arranged for four enlisted men from RAF Lakenheath to dress in period WW2 flying clothing. Not only did they look the part, but they also sounded the part too.
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After the flying, the convoy set off once again, heading for the 388th Bomb Group Musuem.
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Mid afternoon, the convoy set off once again for the site of the Redgrave Hospital. During WW2, Redgrave was a pioneering hospital with a 99.6% survival rate. On the other side of the lake was a POW camp. After leaving this location, the convoy headed back to Eye where several participants were staying. We left the convoy as it neared its destination to return to our holiday cottage.
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