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 Yorkshire Wartime Experience
June 22/24th - Report by Stephen A. Carr

The Yorkshire Wartime Experience is a new event for 2012, organised as a private venture by Stuart Wright and Ken Pugh. We arrived late Thursday afternoon, to be there for the school visits on Friday. We got the tent up in the dry, but the weather forecast of light and heavy showers was slightly incorrect as we suffered torrential rain Thursday night. It wasn't a good sign when various vehicles were being towed INTO the site through the mud by tractors, but the organisers had come too far to call it off by that time. All the 4x4 military vehicles seemed to manage ok, but some of the 2x4's and general traders/fairground vehicles got stuck.

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The torrential rain continued on Friday and it looked like it was going to be the Yorkshire Water Experience! I don't think all the planned school visits turned up, though I did see a number of school children hiding from the rain in the beer tent! There wasn't a great deal there on Friday, as many vehicles and dioramas had cancelled or just didn't show, and it was a real shame after so much effort by Stuart and Ken. It has the potential to be a great show, with the site being huge. The heavy rain formed a lake in the arena, which must have contained a couple of hundred thousand gallons at least, but that was still only a small fraction of the arena space, and the arena was only one of about four or five fields available for displays.
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Two marquees were overturned immediately behind us on Friday due to very strong gusty wind, but our tent survived overnight by being roped to the truck and a nearby fence. Saturday still had showers, some heavy, but was dryer than the previous day allowing the show to continue to some degree. I counted around 40 vehicles during my Saturday morning walkabout.
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Some of the planned activities took place, such as the firing display by the field gun crew, but much had to be re-arranged due to ground conditions and missing entries. Our luck ran out late on Saturday as our steel frame tent took off and got shreaded in the gales. It has done us six years, but there was still life in it yet, although after Friday, it was going to need waterproofing again! So we packed up and left on Saturday evening, hoping the weather would improve for everyone else the following day. From accounts I've heard, Sunday was also reasonable, and I'm guessing some of the more local vehicles turned up to play in the mud.
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Further pictures from Mike Humphreys
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