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 War and Peace Revival

The new venue is certainly very large and has much better facilities than the Hop Farm. I was there on the Wednesday and Thursday and enjoyed very hot weather, but this in turn had turned the fields into a very dusty environment and vehicles were covered in a very fine powdery soil. Getting food and drinks was very easy with plenty of choice.
The very large number of stalls provided a bewildering choice of things to buy, but I saw very little by way of parts for British vehicles which I happened to be looking for. Plenty of weapons were on offer and prices it would appear continue to climb. The vehicle display fields covered an extensive area, too much really to walk around. A bike, or preferably a quad bike, would be ideal to see whatís on offer. WW2 American vehicles dominated the show and apart from Land Rovers I came across very few British stuff, but having said that there were some nice British examples.
Access off the main road to the car park was poor and via a long dusty bumpy track across fields. Despite many years running the show they were not geared up to take the £18.50 to get in. On the Wednesday the pay cabin opened with just two tills at 9.00 adding a further two by 9.30 which was how long it took for me to get to the front of the relatively short queue. On Thursday they opened the pay desks well before opening time. When talking to some of our members their main complaint was the very late distribution of toilets.
Those grumbles apart itís a great opportunity to buy if you are a collector and thereís plenty to photograph. Just a pity itís not located somewhere in the middle of the country for us folks ĎUp Northí I tried to photograph the rarer vehicles but still ended up with loads of snaps, some of which are shown here. All photographs are my copyright © Mike Humphreys