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Crank Up at York Castle - April 19th
By Stephen A. Carr

I left home just after 8am for the 90 mile drive to Tadcaster. It was chilly and there was some rain on the way, but I arrived at Tadcaster a little over two hours later. We waited about 15 minutes for other vehicles to arrive before the convoy began its journey into the centre of York.
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The convoy was one of the largest I've seen at YMVT events, and as the vehicles started parking up at the castle, it became apparent just how many vehicles were there. The usual one line of vehicles around the green became two lines, and then three until the whole of the green was full and heavy trucks on the road.
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Once everyone had parked up, the final count was 85 MV's.


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Several guys from the Durham & Teesside area turned up soon after the main convoy arrived. They came down as a small convoy direct to York, but I wanted to join the main convoy, so made an earlier start and travelled on my own.
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We packed up and left around 4pm with our small convoy heading North. One by one, the mini convoy split up to head home, until I was the final vehicle, arriving home two and a half hours later about 6:30pm. It was a tiring day, spending 5 hours in the Jeep seat, but very enjoyable. It was great to see so many vehicles on show and also to catch up with friends not seen since last year.