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Leeds Dock - May 23rd
By Simon Balding

I was the only one there with an MV on Saturday, I'm not sure if anyone
made it on Sunday. It was a good do, and the armouries concourse looks like a great spot for a more substantial gathering in future.

The weather was lovely on Saturday, with a lovely early cruise with the windshield down and sand goggles on - around the Bradford and Leeds ring roads to get there before 9.30 as arranged locally with Michael's contacts.

Fortunately, I work nearby, so managed to scrounge a few free cuppas during the day as well. We were positioned prominently at the edge of the dock and were consequently overwhelmed with interest. I asked the local TV reporter if she wanted to use the Jeep to do her report in, which she happily accepted.

I was knackered by 4!


Oh one last photo I took when I returned to work on Tuesday - can you tell
where I parked the Jeep on Saturday?