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Blyth Battery Goes to War - May 20/21st
Photos by Stephen Carr

Blyth Battery was built during WW1 to protect the port of Blyth. It was upgraded and enlarged in WW2. Today, volunteers maintain the Battery as a museum and hold a number of events. Blyth Battery Goes to War in their main event of the year. With the amount of heavy rain today, I think the event should have been "Blyth Battery Goes to Sea". It didn't rain all day, but when the thundery showers hit, the rain made the most of the opportunity. Saturday is always the quiet day, but there were still a fair number of public wandering around and a nice selection of WW2 and Post War vehicles. Day two had more settled weather, but the wind turned in from the sea, making it colder than expected. There were a few extra vehicles the second day, and a few less under covers!

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