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Buckerfest Fly/Drive-In - July 15/16th
Breighton Aerodrome near Selby 
Photos by Stephen Carr

Since our normal tow car was rear ended recently, and still away for repairs, we couldn't tow the Jeep down to Breighton after school finished. Instead, I drove the Jeep and Jeep trailer in the afternoon, with Lynne following in a normal car after the school run. This allowed me the get the tent set up before she arrived. It was a nice afternoon and evening, allowing a photoshoot with some friends followed by a barbecue.

Overnight, it rained, and Saturday morning was dull and showery, but slowly brightening up. By around 11:30, people were aviating, and there was a constant stream of aircraft flying for the rest of the day, until everyone began to get ready for the hangar party. "Jessie the Jeep" was parked up near the East end of the airfield, along with a number of other military vehicles. The first three aircraft pictures below show the three Bucker designs that attended the Buckerfest Fly-In - The Jungmann, Bestmann and Jungmeister.

Over the weekend, there were two Bucker Bestmann aircraft present, one with the inline engine which is based there and one with flat four which was visiting. It was a rare treat to catch photos of them briefly together.
Here's some of the other military vehicles in attendance. Several Jeeps, Land Rovers, motor bikes, a Dodge WC51, three GMC 6x6's and an M35 6x6 were on display. There were also a number of classic cars on show further down the airfield.
Some of the Real Aeroplane Company fleet, the Fokker Triplane, Arrow Active 2, Aeronca 100 and Yak-18a.
On Saturday evening was the German themed hangar party and barbeque, with disco, live band, stand up comic and charity auction in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
On Friday evening, before Lynne arrived, I used my powers of persuasion to get some friends to do a bit of dressing up for a 4077th M*A*S*H photoshoot beside the Bell 47 helicopter. The flying shots were taken on Saturday evening during a short flight around the airfield.