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Crank Up - April 30th
Photos by Mike Humphreys, Paul Mayo and aerial photos by Andy Wood

Spring in Yorkshire is officially here, when it’s “Crank Up” rally time in York.  Back in traditional spot in the Eye of York, after last year’s alternative Tower Gardens location. Giving the Yorkshire Museum an outdoor attraction once more. The Yorkshire “Crank Up” is one of our area’s best attended annual events, this year attracting 65 vehicles, which whilst down on previous years, is still an impressive number, considering that many of our members from West Yorkshire were attending Farsley’s wartime weekend event. Brian and team collect many of the inbound members and form one a special MV convoy into York, it’s a sight to see. Thanks to "friends in high places" we had a first for the Crank Up and thanks to Andy Wood, a vintage warbird and a telephoto lens, we had the first aerial photos of the event. The aircraft flew in up the river, circled the event for some photos and then flew off back down the river.


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