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Teesside Airshow - May 27th
Photos by Stephen Carr

With the number of cancellations before the show, and on the day due to weather, it was more of Teesside Show, than Teesside Airshow, but still an enjoyable day out. I saw the BBMF Spit and Hurricane display, but missed the Harvard due to hiding from the rainstorm under a food van shelter. In the static aircraft park, I saw a very nice Bombardier Challenger 350 executive jet that was obviously meant to be mine; as it had my name on it - G-SCAR.

The Slingsby Firefly, Tutor and an aerobatic team flew, plus the Hughes OH-6 Loach heli, and I think that was it, apart from the RAF Typhoon which flew in as I and most of the public were leaving after the thunderstorm passed. The 7 feet tall security fence along the crowd line didn't help with seeing the show or photographing aircraft on the runway. The BBMF were the only aircraft of interest I ended up photographing in the air. 60 years after the formation of the BBMF, they are still shy about showing the top sides of their aircraft during displays!

Below, Jessie parked up in the morning sun, the oldest Chipmunk still flying, and Conner's Auster.

Vampire and Meteor cockpits and 'my executive jet' - G-SCAR
The Bronco was due to display, but didn't while I was there due to the afternoon thunderstorm. The Harvard did fly, but few saw it due to hiding from the morning thunderstorm!
The undersides of the BBMF aircraft!
The oncoming storm, and the rapid evacuation of the apron by the smaller lighter aircraft to the shelter of the T2 hangar.