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Yorkshire MVT Crankdown - September 27th~29th
The event took place over three days, 27/28/29 September. We were based at a really nice camp site, East End Farm, Garton on the Wolds. I would recommend this for anybody visiting the area. The camp owners are very friendly, helpful and the facilities are nice and modern. The first day Saturday, involved a long 84 miles loop East and South of Garton, taking in a number of scenic points. The first stop was at the 158 squadron memorial in Lissett. As you can see from the photo, there is an excellent modern sculpture on the site, as well as a dedication to lost aircraft from the war in the form of modern turbines which are each named after a lost aircraft. The motto is ‘keeping propellers turning’ on the old RAF base. It really is worth a visit, and worth reading about if you google it. 

We moved on past Mappleton sands, the nearby cliffs were used as a bombing range by the RAF and is still today giving up unexploded ordinance today as the cliffs erode. Finally after a big touring loop we stopped for lunch at the splendid Burton Constable Hall, with a delightful café and grounds.

We ended back at camp around 4.30 after a long and satisfying day. In all we had 15 vehicles ( more were promised, but I think many were put off by the weather forecast! Which is a shame ).


On Sunday the weather was worse with torrential rain all day, but the hardy few were still up for our run out with a loop to the East and North, through some very varied countryside completely different to that we had experienced the day before. We covered approx. 50 miles before stopping for lunch at Sledmere House, again another very splendid stately home with huge gardens and history.

After lunch we made our way back to camp via the ‘Sir Tatton Sykes Memorial’ which again if you haven’t seen it is worth looking up, and seeing it is the flesh is quite something. It’s a huge monolith erected by the grateful local residents to Sir Tatton upon his death. Reading between the lines you do wonder if their contributions were completely voluntary as it must have cost a fortune! Have a look and decide for yourself.

Another successful weekend for our crank down, enjoyed by a grateful few. If you haven’t been before you should try it, don’t be frightened, we are a friendly, helpful bunch!