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Durham Villages Tour - March 30th
durham_ps_01.jpg (148117 bytes) The UK 'Stay at Home' rule ending on March 29th and with the following day being a nice sunny, my daughter and I took the opportunity to go for a Jeep ride around the local area. The drive was only around 11 miles, but I planned stops at a number of locations on the route, which I thought would make nice for photographs. The first four pictures were quite close to home, not far outside the village. For the rest of the route, I'd looked for country lanes to drive.
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It was a nice bright day with some real warmth in the sun. I took my thick fleece lined B-3 flying jacket, but never needed it. I took over 100 photos and have thinned them out to just a handful here. In most cases, there are two photos from each location. It was nice to be out with the Jeep, surrounded by countryside with some lovely views and lanes to drive. It felt like Spring had finally sprung!

durham_ps_05.jpg (84388 bytes) durham_ps_06.jpg (93998 bytes) durham_ps_07.jpg (132751 bytes) durham_ps_08.jpg (84260 bytes)
durham_ps_09.jpg (116726 bytes) durham_ps_10.jpg (102182 bytes) durham_ps_11.jpg (138927 bytes) durham_ps_12.jpg (77817 bytes)
"Jessie the Jeep" was in 100th Bomb Group Ordnance Depot markings for this outing ( painted magnetic plastic so I can change the look of the Jeeps ). I'm counting this photoshoot trip as our first 'event' of 2021. I'm hoping there'll be several real events this year too. Several event organisers are planning to hold events this year unless circumstances change and dictate cancellation. Fingers crossed that we'll have some real events to attend in the second half of 2021. For now, I'm happy to go on my photoshoot tours to enjoy both the Jeeps and my interest in photography.

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durham_ps_17.jpg (142568 bytes) durham_ps_18.jpg (149996 bytes) durham_ps_19.jpg (71842 bytes) durham_ps_20.jpg (100674 bytes)