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GPW Outing and Test Drive - April 10th

I suspected the GPW has had a weaping cylinder head gasket, especially after finding a little water when I changed the oil just before the house move, so looked into it on the 10th. I started by cleaning and gapping the plugs and points as they needed doing anyway. The engine started ok, so I pulled it out of the garage. The radiator level was down again. This has been a common problem for a while, often blowing out of the radiator overflow and onto the axle. It took a litre to fill it up again. This time the start sounded more lumpy. I suspected the topped up coolant was leaking into the cylinder head now the water level was higher. After running a short while, it smoothed out.
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I went for a short drive around the local lanes and snapped a few pictures in the bright sun. It ran ok during the 5 mile drive. When we got back, the coolant was down a little with more fresh spray over the front axle where the overflow pipe points at. So I drained the radiator and while it was empty, fitted a new drain cock as the wings on the old one were damaged. I've ordered a new head gasket, so hopefully it will arrive and I can get it fitted in the next week or so.

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