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Ushaw Historic House D-Day Event - June 6th

After 20 months without a public event due to covid, D-Day 2021 saw an olive drab invasion force descend on Ushaw Historic House in County Durham. It was their one day "Way Back When" 1940's event to mark the 77th anniversary of D-Day. It was the first chance in a long time to catch up with old ( and some now very old ) friends!! It wasn't too far from home, so we took both Jeeps to the event. The "Jeepcam" was mounted behind the screen on Jessie, looking forwards towards Hope on the trip.
As a result from the long enforced break from shows, unsurprisingly, the show was well attended, with just a few familiar faces missing. There were also a few new vehicles which had been purchased after the end of the 2019 season, but have had few opportunities to go on show. The good weather of the half term holiday continued through the weekend and gave us excellent weather for the event too.

It was a little strange at first, being out and mixing again, although people were still being a bit cautious. In addition to the re-enactors and vehicle owners, there were also a good number of public through the gates which was nice to see. Around mid day, there was a firing demonstration from several of the re-enactors and singers performing across the day.
The event was due to end at 4pm and around 3:30pm, the re-enactor displays began to be packed away. As we approached 4pm, the vehicles began to drift away in ones, twos and a couple of small convoys. Lynne and I were among the last vehicles to head back home, having had a fantastic day, just like old times!