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Durham Market Place Nostalgia Day - May 2nd
By Stephen Carr

We had our Dodge out again on the first May Bank Holiday, at our second event of the year at the Durham Marketplace Nostalgia Day. Sadly, we've not got many events this year, both due to cancellations and a big landscaping project in the garden. Being on the doorstep, it didn't take us long to get there and we hadn't been set up long before the rain arrived. 
Now that wasn't in the forecast that I saw just before we left. I wished I'd brought my flying jacket, but I foolishly believed the BBC's "Sunny Intervals" for the morning. The rain didn't last too long, but the cold and damp remained for most of the day. Fortunately there were a number of coffee shops open, providing food, drinks and warmth!
It didn't prevent a good turnout of vehicles, re-enactors and dioramas, plus there were lots of public who took a genuine interest. There was also a nice variety of vehicles on show, with three Dodges, a number of Jeeps, but also civilian and staff cars, a bike, plus an Austin Firetruck.
Even though I'm a Jeep owner, row upon row of just Jeeps can be a little dull, despite each owner trying to make their vehicle stand out from the rest with various period canvas and steel bling, so it was nice to have a good mix of vehicles on show.
Other than the cold and my grudge against the BBC weather forecasters, it was a nice day catching up with people and getting back out to events again.