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Beamish "Dig for Victory" - Aug 31st ~ Sept 3rd
by Stephen Carr

Lynne and I took two of our vehicles to Beamish at the end of August for the annual "Dig for Victory", four day 1940s show. The show is held at the Beamish Museum site in the North East of England, giving us 350 acres to drive around during the show. Unlike many shows, Beamish gives us the freedom to convoy around the museum, setting up at various locations across the four days of the show. This gives a constantly changing display for the public and the chance to see the vehicles moving, rather than being  static display like most other shows.

The following photos show many of the vehicles on convoys, or parked up at various locations around the site. The field near the town that contains the fairground was mainly vehicles, while the field over the road held the dioramas and several of the larger vehicles. This year, we had four halftracks in attendance, a record for Beamish. On Saturday evening, the museum provided a meal for those who attended and opened up the "Sun Inn" pub for everyone, which is off limits to vehicle drivers and re-enactors during the show.