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Bowes Railway - June 25th
by Stephen Carr

Since I was at the Breighton Aerodrome vintage aircraft fly-in on Saturday the 24th, we only did one day at Bowes on Sunday. The weather forecast was looking good for most of the day, but there were thunderstorms due late afternoon. I didn't fancy trying to pack the Dodge canvas away in a thunderstorm when I got home, so decided to just take the Jeep, as that would be quick to put back in the garage.

Bowes is a fairly small village event and so there were only around ten vehicles there and half a dozen displays and dioramas. Amongst them were a Kubelwagon and BMW bike and side car. There was one classic car, a few other Jeeps and a Dodge.

In the court yard, there were several dioramas, including the French resistance, Beach Assault display and a German camp.

While I didn't take any photos of the Wizz Bangs vehicles and display, I did shoot some video of their weapons demonstrations. The video is below, along with additional pictures of the Africa Corps Kubelwagon and bike.

The event is spread around the village, with the other main focus at the village community centre. However there were a number of other locations with things going on across the weekend including an England v Germany football match. We had a wander along to the village and I got these pictures of the overgrown rail yard and line on the way back. Their steam loco has run at previous events, but for the last few years it hasn't operated as the boiler certificate expired. It will be a lengthy and expensive task to put it back into operation and I don't know if the museum has the funds.

With the thunderstorm due around 3pm, the battle in the rail yard was held at 2pm. Everyone started packing up around 3pm and we set off for home soon after, thankfully beating the rain and getting the Jeep packed away in the dry.