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Yorkshire MVT Crankdown - September 9th/10th
by S
imon Roberts

The crank down took place on the weekend of 9th and 10th of September. The new venue for this yearly event was at the Black Swan pub and camp site, in Fearby near Masham. The owner and our host for this event was Sean McCourt, a MVT member and military vehicle collector. He is the third generation of his family to run the Pub and Camp site and made us all very welcome.

Most people arrived on Friday evening and enjoyed a nice meal and a beer or two in the evening sunshine. On the Saturday morning, Sean very kindly gave us Bacon sandwiches and tea/coffee before we set off on our Saturday run. The run was approximately 35 miles mainly green lanes. Lunch stop was at the popular Howstean gorge. After lunch we headed over Middlesmoor Greenlane dropping down into Scar house reservoir.

From there, we made a return journey back to the camp site, stopping off briefly at the Leeds Pal memorial, which is the site of a First World War training camp. Some well earned beers and a good meal was enjoyed back at the pub. Sunday was same format, up in time for bacon buttys and out on the second run of the weekend approximately 30 miles.This time heading North West to East Witton, along some very scenic but very narrow country lanes, arriving at a little village called Horse Houses.

From there it was four wheel drive and low box, up over a green lane called “Deadman’s Hill”, which eventually drops down the the other side of Scar House Reservoir. Then back over Middlesmoor and Howstean again for a quick lunch break before returning to camp and packing up. We didn’t have as many people and vehicles as we would of hoped only four Jeeps and Two Land Rovers. Alex Watts made an appearance in his newly purchased GMC truck but made his own entertainment on Saturday due to the narrow county we was using on the runs.

   A massive effort was made by Colin and Liz Parr, driving all the way up from Southampton in their ex army Land Rover 110. It was great to see them again. They have joined us Yorkshire lads many times before and I’m sure they’ll be back next year. In short it was a great weekend with great weather, great scenery and great people. We’ll be back there again soon. 

   The following pictures come from Mike Humphreys.