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Fishburn Airfield, Co Durham - January 15th

We started our military vehicle year with a meet up at Fishburn Airfield for a late breakfast. With storm force winds the night before, we didn't confirm our plans until Sunday morning. It was still quite breezy, so I fitted the canvasses on both Jeeps, particularly for my daughter in the back seat. Lynne and I took both of our Jeeps and we met up with Andy and Claire at the airfield where Andy brought his new Jeep along. Fishburn was a fairly central meeting point for us both and we arrived about two minutes before Andy.

It was a chilly drive but the nice warm cafe and great food was a welcome end to the trip. After we came back out of the cafe, we moved the Jeeps around from the car park to the near by field for a few photos with a nicer background. Unfortunately we were looking into the sun when trying to get the aircraft collection in the background.





Near the airfield on the way there, there was quite a long down hill stretch before the airfield turning. It was on this hill where Jessie blew out a load of coolant heading home in 2021. I wanted to avoid this long up hill drag and found a detour on Google Earth the night before. The detour was a nicer single track lane through open country and woodland.