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Tanfield Railway - September 23rd/24th
by Stephen Carr

We went to Tanfield in the normal car on Friday morning to get the tent set up. It was forecast for heavy rain in the late afternoon. Sure enough, not long after we set off in the Dodge and Jeep, the rain started hammering down. With the sleeping bags in the top of the trailer, I was hoping the canvas was still waterproof! When we got there, everything was thrown through the tent door as fast as possible.

Saturday started with a little drizzle, but it got out dry with some bright spells across the day. The locos were already steamed up by breakfast and starting to assemble the trains for the day. Two locos were running for the weekend; Sir Cecil Cochrane and Horden.

There weren't too many vehicles and displays this year. I think the weather forecast and another clashing '40s event reduced numbers attending. The Field Kitchen and NAAFI were there, along with the "Hand Me Down Gang", Home Guard and a couple of other groups with a Jeeps and weapons on show.

I set up the Jeep and Dodge with the Jeep undergoing maintenance under the Dodge crane, with tools set out on make shift tables made from ammo and ration crate boxes.

Our display peaked at five vehicles on Saturday. Late in the day, three of us made the three mile trip down the road to East Tanfield Station for coffee.

Last year, there were a number of normal cars along the fence, but it was mostly empty this year, allowing me to get some pictures of the Jeep with 0-6-0 tank "Horden" along side.

Saturday night was blowing itself inside out, with gales of 40+mph forecast. I didn't sleep much due to the noise of the wind and tent rattling.

Sunday was dry until early afternoon, so we were able to get the tent down dry. Most of the camping gear was packed into the trailer, so we didn't need to dismantle the display until later in the afternoon. As the weather front got closer, the crates were packed in the Dodge and the tent into the back of the Jeep.

It was another wet drive on the way home, but had stopped by the time we got back, so were able to pack away without getting wet.

It was another very tiring, but enjoyable green weekend. It was my tenth and penultimate event for the 2023 season, 'though the vehicles have made an equal number of non-show outings.