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Steve's '43 Ford GPW

The Station Photo GPW in front of the 100th Bombardment Group Control Tower, a spot where the original version may well have once parked.


World War 2 and 2015

My most recent project was  the restoration of this '43 Ford GPW, started in February 2012. It didn't look too bad in the photo next to my other Jeep ( see below ), but the tub was pretty shot, except from the firewall forwards. 

There were however, lots of nice 'f' marked parts such as the pintle hook, radiator, front cross member, bumper, fuel filter and more, and it had never been abused in a major rebuild. 

The engine's head is a Ford casting, while the block is actually a 1939 Willys block. A replacement 1944 ACM Type 2 body was been sourced, and while not the correct year, it is at least original, and not a repro. 

The Jeep was pretty much completed by the end of 2013, with the first engine run late December and its first move under its own power on the drive in January 2014. 

The registration documents came through late March 2014, and the insurance began on April 16th when my other vehicles renewed.

World War 2 and 2015

January 2012 As Purchased

March 2012 Engine & Transmission Out

April 2012 Chassis Stripped Down

May 2012 Chassis Ready for Repairs

March 2013 Rolling Chassis Complete

April 2013 Trial Fit of Tub

May 2013 Painting the Tub

May 2013 Painting the Tub

May 2013 Fitting Out the Tub

June 2013 Fitting the Tub

July 2013 Fitting the Fenders, Hood and Grill

August 2013 Not Far Away Now

September 2013 Painting the Markings

September 2013 Painting the Markings

September 2013 Glazing the Screen

January 2014 Complete

December 2014, clocking up the first 100 miles since rebuild.

April 2014 Complete and First Drive

June 2014
First event, with photographic display items
May 2015, home base; the 100th Bombardment Group ( Heavy ), Station 139, Thorpe Abbotts
Accessories for the Station Photo Jeep

April 2015, Purchased a 1945 K-20 Aerial Camera

Target photos and Stereoscope

One Gallon of Dektol Film Developer

Photo developing trays and target photos