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Area Report - Windscreen October Issue 150
I’ll start my first round up from the Yorkshire Region with a big hand to Mike Humphreys, who has just past his baton after many excellent years as our region’s press officer. Mike is now spending more time with his vehicles, and I can report that he has been spreading the love of military vehicles far and wide, including a group of French exchange visitors. Mike’s visitors enjoyed a run around the Yorkshire hills to appreciate the views from the comfort of the rear of a Bedford GS truck! Never mind Tour de France (or Yorkshire) Mike!
You’ve been a Tour de Force – so well done and thanks from us all.

Brighouse Display

Yorkshire has been blessed with a great many shows and more are springing up. Holmfirth, held their first event, which was very well attended considering it, clashed with the Victory Show, Chatsworth and a Classic Car Show at Wentworth Woodhouse. Crowds saw not one, but two WW2 Scammell tank transporters both with post war Russian armour on board parked alongside a Diamond T Ballast wagon. In addition, the Americans re-enactment groups were out in force with an array of Jeeps and a signals van.

Leyburn’s second 1940s weekend in late July hosted a good array of vehicles and re-enactment groups. Adam Wright’s GMC Engineering Workshop “Big Joe” making an impressive presence, helpful too, acting as a handy tea stop for many of our members.

Adam Wright's GMC Workshop truck at Leyburn.
MAC at the Yorkshire Wartime Experiance.

Simon Balding attended Leeds Dock on Saturday May 23rd. His report can be found in the Events Gallary.

Echo 42 Band at Barlick
Yorkshire are always keen supporters of our neighboring events, amongst these were the Croft Nostalgia Festival, a former airfield and now race track. The event grows in popularity with opportunities to see classic cars, aircraft and many military vehicles. Our own Chris Tills and his Sherman “Havoc” was going through its paces impressively over the muddy terrain later pairing up with Nic Clay’s FV432.

Fv432, Pitts S-1S Special and Spitfire Simulator.
Alvis Owners Club owner with two Alvis ( Alvii? ) together.
Chris Till's Sherman in the arena at Croft Circuit.
FV432 and Stalwart on show in the military display area.
 Nick Clay's FV432 in the arena at Croft Circuit.
Nick in the hot seat.
The day also featured an impressive display against cloudy skies from Vulcan XH558. Definitely, a real crowd-pleasing weekend.
Avro Vulcan B2 XH558 displaying at Croft.
One of the many vintage races held during the Croft weekend.

As we move into the autumn months, our event calendar continues to be full and varied with Grassington’s excellent wartime weekend and Yorkshire’s new airshow, due late September at the former RAF Church Fenton airfield and of course, our famous “Crank Down” weekend – full report of these jaunts in the next edition.

Paul Mayo