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 Winter Door Field Modification Page 2

The door isn't quite as tall as the rear side panel. It is only just tall enough to tuck under the roof canvas. This allows water to drain down the outside, but doesn't prevent it from opening.
To allow the door to close fully, a couple of cutouts had to be made in the frame to clear the door strap eyelet and the screen stay on the windscreen frame. Once that was done, the windows were marked out and then cut. The window in the door was made larger than the original to give better visibility on today's busy roads.
The first picture shows the door from inside the jeep and the screen stay and door eyelet can also be seen in the picture. To the right, the door open showing the door frame.
Before the doors are painted, the bare wood is primed with PVA glue to seal the grain. Prior to fixing in the glazing, the inside of the door where the window will attach was painted in olive drab.
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