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 Crank Up - Eye of York
April 18th

Another good turnout both for the convoy and once parked up in York. The weather was also fairly kind too. I left Washington at 8am, meeting Mike with his M38A1 at Scotch Corner for the drive down to the convoy starting point. Around 20 vehicles were gathered for the run in, leaving around 10:45 for the drive to York centre. ( Steve Carr )

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crankup6.jpg (93054 bytes) It was good to see another large gathering of green machines parked up in the lay-by at Tadcaster as I arrived at some speed trying to keep up with Chris Smyth who must have fitted some sort of turbo to his Morris Quad.

Perhaps as well that I had declined his challenge of a race through Tadcaster town centre. Brian kindly delayed the start of the convoy from Tadcaster for a few moments so that I could be in it and Chris finally led us out at about 10.45 again setting an impressive pace.

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cr9.jpg (62858 bytes) cr10.jpg (62344 bytes)  Duncan had very kindly gone ahead in his Bedford MW to film us passing from a bridge as he did last year and I look forward to seeing that.
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Ian Anderson had agreed to be in charge of vehicle parking at the Museum having set up a defined entrance alongside our Area banner. This year in excess of 50 vehicles covered the grass circle and attracted passing interest all day from tourists, no doubt wondering what it was all about. crankup11.jpg (76391 bytes) crankup12.jpg (73141 bytes)

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